2018-19 ARBA Calendar


October 14 (Sunday): 1st Trading Period Begins

November 6 (Tuesday): Rule Proposals Due

November 15 (Thursday): Votes on Rule Proposals Due

December 31 (Monday): 1st Trading Period Ends

January 9 (Wednesday): Rosters and Salaries Due

January 9 (Wednesday): League Officer Vote

February 10 (Sunday): C/FA Auction (10 am CT / 11 am ET)
February 11 (Monday): 2nd Trading Period Starts
March 16 (Saturday): Inverse Order Draft Begins (subject to Strat Draft and SOM Card Availability)

April 2 (Tuesday): Ballpark Designations Due
April 2 (Tuesday): Roster Cutbacks Due
April 9 (Tuesday): Waiver Draft
April 12 (Friday): 2nd Trading Period Ends
April 19 (Friday): Rotations and CMs Due